Unarmed Jacksonville FL Man gunned down after dispute with SWAT team | www.actionnewsjax.com

Man shot, killed after dispute with SWAT team | www.actionnewsjax.com.

ANOTHER unarmed citizen has been EXECUTED by those charged to protect and serve. This murder SUSPECT (meaning he HAD NOT yet been tried in a court of law) was gunned down because he ALLEGEDLY had a sock in his hand. This account does not indicate that the SUSPECT charged at the police or anyone else. The police always find a way to make themselves “justified” in violating the rights of American citizens. Sounds like “Judge Dredd” is coming off of the silver screen and right into our reality. The police are deeming themselves to be judge jury and executioner. How efficient. #policebrutality


The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office responded to the 3700 block of University Club Boulevard late last evening.

JSO was trying to locate a man who allegedly pulled out a gun and shot a man in the head on Friday evening near W. 27th Street.

Police caught up with the man at an apartment in The Plaza complex when he refused to come out.

The SWAT team was called in just as the murder suspect came out of the apartment complex holding something in his hands.

Officers thought it was a gun and three of them opened fire and killed him.

Officers say the item the man was holding was something rolled up in a black sock.

JSO is working to get an arrest warrant to search the unit to find out if there are any weapons inside the apartment.

JSO is holding a briefing Sunday at 2:30 p.m. and the latest details will be released.


Tiffany Cratic

Tiffany Cratic

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