Racist Remarks at TNT Academy Graduation in Lilburn, GA

Just when these folks thought they were finally making progress, having paid their money and met all the requirements to successfully graduate from this institution, the principal of TNT Academy in Lilburn, GA let them know what she REALLY thinks about them.

(via GaFollowers.com)

The principal of TNT Academy in Lilburn, GA, Nancy Gordeuk is under fire after making discriminative remarks at TNT’s graduation ceremony today.

TNT is a Non-Traditional Educational Center in Stone Mountain that serves middle and high school students that choose to engage in independent study.

Nancy who was born and raised in the Atlanta area and has two Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology and Chemistry as well as a Master of Science degree in Science Education is expected to be a little more smarter than this.

Witnesses say that the principal seem unorganized throughout her speech. The commotion started after she released all the students to go before realizing that she hadn’t let the valedictorian speak.

In the video you can see her saying, “all the black people”.


Ralph Cratic, Sr

Ralph Cratic, Sr

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