Death of Woman Who Was Tasered While Shackled and Hog Tied Ruled an Accident

The term “delirium” is a medical term often used to describe people who die while in police custody. You know, in the same family as the he/she went for my gun excuse. Overused, mostly invalid and a general cop out excuse for police brutality . No pun intended.

The death of a Fairfax County woman who was already hog tied and shackled when she was shocked has been ruled an accident by a Virginia medical examiner.

Natasha McKenna, 37, had already been placed in handcuffs and leg shackles when she was inexplicably shocked four times by cops.

After McKenna stopped breathing, she was taken to the hospital, where she later died.

McKenna, who suffered from schizophrenia since age 12, initially agreed to be handcuffed, but then began struggling with officers, according to the incident report. She was being held in a Fairfax jail on the charge of assaulting a police officer.

In the autopsy obtained by the Washington Post the cause of death was “excited delirium associated with physical restraint including use of conductive energy device, contributing: Schizophrenia and Bi-Polar Disorder.”

From NBC 4:

Six officers in full biohazard suits then placed McKenna into full restraints. The reports show McKenna wouldn’t bend her knees to be placed into a chair, so an officer shocked her four times with 50,000 volts.

Law enforcement experts are questioning why a stun gun was used on a restrained woman. But Fairfax Sheriff Stacey Kincaid defended the use of force.

Although hog tying a mentally ill woman, then repeatedly shocking her with 50,000 volts doesn’t strike most reasonable people as accidental, that was the finding of the medical examiner.

The term “delirium” is a medical term often used to describe people who die while in police custody.


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