No Charges for Cop Caught on Video Mercilessly Beating Black Woman

There will be no criminal charges for a California Highway Patrol cop caught on video savagely beating a black woman for walking near traffic.“Based upon the facts presented, there was a lawful necessity for (Officer Daniel) Andrew to use force to prevent (Marlene) Pinnock from entering the lanes of traffic and there is insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the force he used was unreasonable or excessive,”  the District Attorney’s Office stated, according to CBS Los Angeles.District Attorney Jackie Lacey said it became “exceedingly clear” during the investigation that Andrew “acted within the law.“In our analysis, his use of force was legal and necessary to protect not only his own life but also that of Ms. Pinnock,” Lacey said, Venice-Mar Vista Patch reports.Pinnock suffered a traumatic head injury, so it is unfathomable that Lacey would add her in the group of people who Andrew was trying to protect.“Under these circumstances, his use of force was proportionate with the threat he encountered and the training he received from CHP,” Lacey said. “Fortunately, neither the officer nor Ms. Pinnock were seriously injured. As this matter comes to a close, it is my hope that Ms. Pinnock is finally able to get the long-term care she needs.”“He tried to kill me, and I want him fired,” 51-year-old Pinnock told KTLA in 2014.“’He must be trying to kill me, he’s beating me to death… can I get up?’” she said, adding “I was trying to pull my clothing down…he wouldn’t allow me to pull my clothing down.”Pinnock received a $1.5 million dollar settlement, after which time Andrew resigned.

Source: No Charges for Cop Caught on Video Mercilessly Beating Black Woman | Breaking Brown

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