Alabama officer fired for sharing racist posts about Michelle Obama and slavery

On Wednesday, Talladega City Manager Patrick Bryant reported that a police officer had been fired after posting racist posts to Facebook.


The posts were allegedly captured in screen grabs from Officer Joel Husk’s account, with one from Last American Patriots and the other from Donald Trump, the Political Movement.

The post from Last American Patriots, showed a picture, in black and white, of the bloody aftermath of a battle, with white bodies strewn across the field, and the caption: “Over 620,000 white people died to free black slaves and still to this day not even 1 thank you.”

As for the post from Donald Trump, the Political Movement, the post contained side-by-side images of Melania Trump and Michelle Obama. Beside Mrs. Trump was the caption, “Fluent in Slovenian, English, French, Serbian and German,” while Mrs. Obama’s image had the caption, “Fluent In Ghetto.”

“We will not tolerate that kind of conduct by any employees,” Bryant said. “We take very seriously our responsibility to treat everyone equally and equitably … We have to make sure we take steps for the community to trust us.”

He then continued, “For the police especially, they have to guarantee the rights of everyone, regardless of race, creed, gender, religion, etc. Any time someone makes a statement like that that is biased, insensitive or derogatory, that reflects negatively on the department and all agencies of the city. Our responsibility is to our residents, to provide service to everyone. That especially includes law enforcement. The community trust them to provide a vital service fairly. If a comment or post reflects a level of bias that says they cannot provide that service fairly, then we have to act.”

“I can’t control the actions of every employee, but I can uphold the standards that make us all proud of what we do every day.”



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