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Our Mission

DredReport.com was established not to promote hate but to serve as a chronicle of the abuse and bias (past and present) suffered in the United States by Blacks and, indeed, all non-whites.  The articles posted here are meant to be many things: informative, thought provoking, awakening and even therapeutic. This site’s mission is to encourage positive and progressive conversations that will enlighten all readers and hopefully inspire them to not just sit on the sidelines but to do their part to ensure liberty and justice for all people.

 About The Site

The Hate Box–articles about the general hateful attitudes felt towards Blacks in America. Heritage of Hate-articles that record the history of hatred and abuse inflicted on Blacks from the time we were kidnapped from Africa to through the Civil Rights movement. (No Matter What They Tell You) Here’s What They Think About You–articles that expose the thoughts and feelings of closet racists and posts that showcase systematic and institutional racism. Cops & Courts–posts and articles that, again, highlight the systematic and institutional racism inflicted by those charged to protect, serve and uphold justice for ALL Americans.

 Our Beliefs

At The Dred Report, we believe that the United States of America is diverse and dynamic. We know that Americans of all racial and ethnic backgrounds are capable of contributing to our nation’s greatness and are deserving of the principals upheld by the Constitution.

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